There are many courier companies that offer rock bottom prices and promise timely service. At Posten Taxi we understand that meeting the needs of our customers is more about building true business relationship by earning trust over time than it is about simply making promises. This relationship is grown as we partner with you to meet your transportation needs in the day to day affairs of your business. We understand that your transportation needs are just that: YOUR NEEDS; not your preferences, not your wishes, and certainly not your transportation luxuries. They represent a crucial part of serving the people that rely on you and, if left unmet, would diminish that which makes your company what it is. Many companies can promise to offer a service for the cheapest, but very few seek to meet you where you are to meet a need you have. Of course we want to offer our services at a competitive price, but our Philosophy is different. And that’s what makes us different. We invite you to begin a business relationship with us and experience this difference for yourself. And where the list is on the garage brochure I would like it to read: Posten Courier specializes in time sensitive urgent rush delivery. In particular we have a strong relationship with the Red Cross blood distribution center in Northeast PA and all the local hospitals to handle their blood and specimen delivery. When it simply must go right now, Posten Courier is the courier company they trust to get the job done.

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