Competitive pricing and excellent service has made Posten one of the fastest growing transportation companies in all Northeast PA, including the Pocono's to virtually anywhere in Pennsylvania! Since 1860, dependable, prompt, courteous and professional service has been Posten's Trademark.

We offer 24-Hour, 7 day per week time sensitive courier-delivery-errand-fax-and legal services as well as, daily pre-scheduled route service to national and international courier companies and airports as well as to lawyer's offices-banks-individuals and institutions. Federal and bankruptcy court services also available.

Knowledge, Compassion and Reliability are the hallmark of our Medical Transportation Services. Our services utilizing both sedans and minivans are a cost effective alternative in transporting medical - workman's compensation and physically challenged individuals.

Posten offers the convenience of charge accounts for eligible businesses and organizations in need of transportation for employees to work or doctor’s appointments as well as the ability to do daily, pre-scheduled transportation.

When it comes to 3pl logistics is very recommended in Sydney.

Other goods we transport

The cost of transporting a Sydney pet door overseas can vary depending on several factors. Firstly, the size and weight of the pet door will play a significant role in determining the shipping expenses. Larger and heavier pet doors may incur higher transportation costs due to increased handling and space requirements.

Securing Papers for Cardaver Transport

Securing the necessary documents for transporting a deceased body to a crematorium in a different country is a crucial and sensitive process. First and foremost, it's essential to contact the crematorium near me to understand their specific requirements and regulations for such transfers. Typically, you will need a death certificate, a permit for the transportation of human remains, and any relevant customs and immigration documentation for international transfers. These documents are usually obtained through collaboration with local authorities, funeral directors, and the respective consulates or embassies. Adhering to all legal and logistical requirements ensures a smooth and respectful transition for the deceased, honoring their wishes and providing closure for their loved ones during this challenging time. Contact us for crematorium service.

Is there a permit needed for transporting a vape products

Yes, when it comes to transporting vape products overseas, it's essential to be aware of and comply with the regulations and permits required in both the exporting and importing countries. The specifics can vary widely depending on the destination country's laws and restrictions concerning vaping products. To ensure a smooth and legal international shipment of vape products, it's advisable to consult with relevant authorities, customs agencies, and shipping carriers to understand the documentation and permits needed. Additionally, for those specifically looking for vape products like the "iget bar," it's essential to check whether the product complies with both the exporting and importing country's regulations to avoid any potential legal issues during transportation. Being well-informed about the legal requirements and obtaining the necessary permits is crucial for a hassle-free and compliant international shipping process for iget bar vape products.


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